Why Now is the Best Time to Start Interracial Dating

The 21st century, and in particular, 2022, is the best time for interracial dating! People are much cooler about interracial romance and dating, at least compared to generations past. We live in a progressive society and now people who would have a problem with an interracial couple are by far the minority. You can go out and date anyone you want!

mixed couple

The question now is how can you find an interracial romance? Is the best place to meet someone still in clubs or bars? Or does online romance work better?

First of all, many singles are very eager to “sow their oats” and try dating a person of a different race. It’s natural to be curious about meeting new people and testing the chemistry, especially if you’re newly single or in your teens or twenties. 

How to Approach IRL Interracial Dating

If you go to a club or bar, you might easily attract someone who’s of another race. Clubs are all about dancing and very often, you’re judged by appearances and by your dancing ability. If you’ve taken dance lessons or have always been naturally good with rhythm, you have nothing to worry about. 

Sometimes club bouncers only let people in if they look good and don’t stand out in a negative way, so prepare for that. There are also more restrictions in place because of COVID-19. 

True, nightclubs are known for being notoriously loud, but some bars can also get loud. Sometimes it’s hard to get a bartender to notice you and order a drink. 

No wonder many people, especially men, have tried to pickup girls in bookstores, grocery stores, local festivals, and other traveling events. But this approach can also be uncomfortable and awkward, especially if you’re not used to asking people out!

Why an Interracial Dating App Can Help

An mixed dating app gets rid of a lot of unnecessary stress and complication that’s usually involved in dating. You don’t have to worry about offending someone, asking if they’re single or not. You don’t have to worry about yelling over loud music or buying $16 drinks for just one chat.

An interracial dating app also has an advantage over general dating apps – everyone who has joined has already admitted they are attracted to people of different races!

So if you’re a black man, you know a black and white dating site has white women who are willing and ready to date you. If you’re a black woman you can be confident that there are white men ready to date you too. Interracial attraction IS the icebreaker you need to get the conversation and the flirting started!

The Most Common Mistakes Made in an Interracial Romance

Being aware of how haphazardly some people approach interracial romance, and the mistakes these couples make, can help you prepare to deal with problems.

For instance, having unrealistic expectations – especially ones based on racial stereotypes is always going to be a source of conflict. Don’t assume anything about your partner, whether it’s based on stereotypes OR even based on a rejection of all stereotypes. The problem is not being right or wrong, but by expecting or assuming anything. The best way to handle a sensitive issue is to talk about it with your partner.

Another common problem is that we sometimes let people walk all over us – including family and friends. Now it’s true that we should avoid becoming confrontational at all possible, especially when dealing with family.

But that doesn’t mean you should be afraid to speak up and defend the partner you really like. Sometimes a person may hold back from defending their partner, because a family member has a strong opinion about them or about how the dating/marriage arrangement SHOULD BE.

It’s easy to understand why some people cater to the wants of their family. But your obligation is to your partner and not you or their family. Be courageous and always defend the person you love.

Finally, resist the urge to let family, friends or even strangers force a belief on you. Some people may try to tell you something, or make you or your partner feel inadequate in some way. Don’t allow the opinions of others to affect the way you love or approach relationships. You’re not dating for their approval. You’re dating because you like or maybe even love each other.

Your opinion is all that matters. The opinions of others should never influence you, especially if they are spreading negativity.

Why It’s Never Too Late to Find an Interracial Date

No matter if you’re just starting to date or have been divorced or even widowed, you can always find love again. All you have to do is open your heart and follow your instincts. If you find an interracial partner that you instantly “get” and feel real chemistry with, then that’s your heart talking.

It’s a special bond that’s beyond physical attraction, and based on real compatibility beyond just race. Go pursue that and you will find a new level of intimacy and trust. Falling in love again will be the best feeling of your life!

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