Would you believe that there was a time when meeting someone online and dating them in real life was a bit taboo? All it took for it to be normalised is the constant changing advancements of technology. The only reason people were adamant to get involved with online dating was that there was no way to tell if the person you were chatting with is the same person you will meet in real life. This is not to say that issues of catfishing, or the act of deceiving people online, is not rampant today. But compared to ten years ago, dating apps and websites have placed certain measures so that it does not happen often.
For this reason, users of websites like have gone through the roof. The website has successfully mediated relationships for more than 20 years. It started out as a classified ads system for newspapers and then grew into one of the largest and most popular dating websites in the world. But what is it about the website the makes people prefer using it? Let’s find out.

Chance of Getting a Date 5 star
Profiles & Matching 4.5 star
Layout and Usability 5 star
Active Users 5 star
Messaging System 5 star
Help and Support 5 star

Sign Up

The best thing about the sign up is it feels like it follows a funnel, a step-by-step procedure that will help the website set its configurations according to the information you will give them.
If you are not a member, the first prompt you will see asks you who you are hoping to find on Options are simply: Man seeking a Woman, Woman seeking a Man, Man seeking a Man, and Woman seeking a Woman.
For those of you who would prefer it, you can choose to sign up with Facebook because it is fast and convenient. You do not have to worry about your Facebook friends finding out if this is a concern because the website will not post anything on your profile without your permission. Otherwise, you can proceed with signing up with your email address.

Profile creation

Unlike other dating websites, will not make you answer countless questions on one page. Those kinds of profile building make it feel like you are answering an exam or a boring survey. Included in the profile creation are questions about age range you prefer, your own body type (which is optional to answer) and ethnicity, what degree you finished, income, and more.
And in an effort not to set you up with a person who will clash with your principles and beliefs (which is important in this day and age), the website will also ask you about your religious beliefs, vices, and even your opinion about having kids.
The whole process takes about 5-10 minutes of your time, depending on how long you spend on one question. This just means that wants to make sure that they can filter preferences so they can show you profiles of people you are looking for and who are looking for you. So the length of time spent on signing up and profile creation is worth it.

Top Features

Setting up common interests

Probably the most unique thing about is it allows you to set interests that you might want to discuss with other members, not exclusively with the people you are looking to date. Interests include books, cooking, camping, sports, and other hobbies.

Accurate search results

If you think that creating your profile is too specific, wait until you start filling in information about the people you are hoping to find. Everything from their beliefs up until their income will be asked. Which means can provide an advanced search, filtered specifically to your preferences.

Mobile adaptability

You do not have to be on your laptop to access the website, you can always just open your account through your mobile. loads fast and allows for easy navigation on the website. It is intuitive so you do not have to guess where the navigation tabs are.

Behaviour monitoring will not just rely on the information that you have given them to show you profiles that you might be interested in. The website also monitors your behaviour on the website, noting which profiles you are visiting and for how long. Because of this, the website is able to recreate our real life tendencies online.


  • The search algorithm is constantly improving for better results
  • Asks detailed information about the types of people you are seeking out
  • Consistently rolls out updates to improve features and functionalities


  • You will have to wait for an email to have your profile approved


If you read the privacy policy, one of their points says that ensures that your personal information is safe through data encryption. In technical terms, the website mixes in random numbers and characters on all of the information shared on the website. In simple terms, it is hard for hackers to get the information because the encryption made it unreadable.

USA & Canada Membership Costs

Duration Price per Month Saving*
12 Months $17.99 65%
6 Months $19.99 62%
3 Months $23.99 54%
1 Month $44.42 0%

Editor’s Verdict:

If you want a website that can truly filter your preferences and be able to recreate real life experiences in the digital world, you should definitely check out They are constantly improving their data algorithm, sometimes it seems they are as obsessed with it as Google when it comes to the accuracy of search results.


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