The Good Reasons to Date American Men

The American dream often comes through an American man. It is not because you will have their nationality if you marry them, but because when you really get to know their true self, you will realize that the Americans are the most loving and caring men of them all.
american man
Following, you will find the purest reasons for you to date an American man in an American date.

Americans are usually very methodical, functional by nature, and love order, although this does not mean they are boring. On the contrary, the Americans have a very good sense of humor and their sarcasm will make you laugh at bluffs. In fact, they will make fun of themselves just to see you smile.

The American man will not want to have sex on the first date unless he just wants to spend a wild night. When an American wants to be serious, he will respect your limits. But they won’t wait too long; on the third date, they will try to make the movement to go a little deeper into the relationship.

An American will always be a gentleman with you. If an American is interested in you, he will let you know. They are not the type of men who hide their feelings a lot, and if they want to say something, they will tell you without hesitation.

An American man is independent. They may not be the most affectionate of the planet, but that does not mean they have no interest in you. When it comes to visiting, they can survive seeing you once a week, until doing so is not enough and they want to keep a little more contact with you.

They are hard workers. The Americans are very devoted to work and will always be the support of the family because they are oriented to care for and respond for them since they are kids.

They will spoil you. Who does not like to be pampered? The American man will court you and keep you full of details, like taking you to dinner and buying flowers.
If an American liked you, it was because of who you are. Do not try to change your essence so much because that was what attracted him the first time.

They are sweet and romantic, although at first, they may look like the coldest men in the world. Take the time to know it; once he is fully open to you, it will show you the true meaning of love.

Americans have “a huge variety in the sexual repertoire.” Do not expect your man to be bored in bed, or you could take the most pleasant surprise in your last months.

He can be very homemade but do not doubt that it will take you on an adventure as soon as your time and budget allow it.


  • Victoria (#)
    April 19th, 2018

    I love it

  • Lorte yuson (#)
    May 23rd, 2018

    I like sweet and romantic

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    September 29th, 2018

    Love it

  • Annie (#)
    April 18th, 2019

    i am searching for my superman whom i can be with the rest of my life😊

  • Veronika (#)
    August 1st, 2019

    Wow. I am from Czech Republic. I work in a burger bar and Americans are hot. I like my men a little chubby so when they order double cheese burgers I get really excited!

  • Leslie Bandola (#)
    August 30th, 2019

    Hi I’m looking serious relationship

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