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elite singles
Elite Singles promises to find you a partner who will ‘get you’, and matches ‘like minded’ future partners. Dating website are a popular choice as a way of meeting potential partners. Matchmaking is a custom that is practiced in countries like India – many marriages are ‘arranged’ by professionals, or family members.
While you may balk at the idea of having an ‘arranged’ marriage, Elite Singles is a dating site for people who are looking at finding long-lasting love, and not a casual dating.
Elite Singles is a dating site that targets educated professionals, and uses in-depth personality profiling to find you a perfect match. They are more than a dating site, they are modern day Matchmakers.

Chance of Getting a Date 5 star
Profiles & Matching 5 star
Layout and Usability 5 star
Active Users 5 star
Messaging System 5 star
Help and Support 4.5 star

Sign Up

The Sign Up process is straightforward but lengthy. You will be guided through a series of questions that will be used to make sure that you are compatible. On paper you may look like a perfect match, enjoy the same hobbies, love classic films, and dream of traveling across the country in an RV, kids in tow. You love talking, sharing your dreams, and meeting the locals. Your future partner hates talking to strangers.
By measuring the dimensions of your personality, Elite Singles is a dating site that takes into account that we are all quiet unique. There are measures of consciousness, agreeableness, extraversion, openness and neuroticism.

Top Features

Whether you’re looking to date within a specific community, such as Jewish, or parent dating, Elite Singles will find you a match. No matter how broad, or specific your criteria are, Elite Singles can find you a match. Members are also vetted, and checked. There is also protection software installed, that will make sure that you never receive communication that is offensive. There is also spam protection. Elite Singles is designed for a busy professional and will send 3-7 new matches to you, every day. Quality, over quantity. This is a service that should not be understated. The site has a social aspect to it, and you can communicate, and check out people’s profiles yourself, but Elite Singles is designed to be an efficient tool for you to use, they do the match making for you! Premium membership packages offer more daily matches, up to 20.

Pros & Cons

Elite Singles has all the bells and whistles you could want in a dating site. Send smileys, or messages, use a generated ice-breaker question to get the ball rolling, and chat to a new friend. There is also a free membership option, it is more limited, but you can set up your profile and see how the site works. Your data is protected, and will never be used outside the site. There is a blog, and magazine, with expert advice from professionals, and Elite Singles will help you to make your profile attractive. You can track all interest in you profile, and see who is checking you out. Is this level of analysis really healthy? What about being anonymous? This is your own call – you are putting yourself out there, and the service is working, to match you, personally, with a future partner. You will have to weigh up the benefits of the service, and your willingness to be open to the process, in finding a future partner.

Privacy Settings

Elite Singles privacy settings are very high. Your personal data is confined to the site. There are firewalls, and protection software that will detect fraud, spam, and there is a detailed verification process to ensure that all members, and communication, is genuine. The activity of members is also monitored, and non-active members are taken off the site. Sound a bit harsh? Well, you really don’t want to be matched up with the perfect person, but never hear from them, do you!

Ease Of Use:

Elite Singles has an App, and main site. They are not exactly the same. The App is designed so that you can communicate, and update your information. You will not be able to use App by itself. The site is easy to navigate and the platform will generate you matches. It really is an easy to use dating site. You will be able to meet many people, but you will need to sign up for a package to get the most use out of the dating agency. Elite Singles is a premium site for professionals, and is designed to make the process of finding a compatible partner very easy.

EliteSingles’ Membership Pricing

Duration Price per Month
12 Months $33.95
6 Months $44.95
3 Months $57.95

Editor’s Verdict:

Elite Singles is a great choice if you are a busy professional looking for a match making agency, and looking for a like minded future partner. You will be matched using both lifestyle, financial, education and personality factors. Future partners are cherry picked for you, the best of the best only. Elite Singles is a service for educated professionals who are looking for long term relationships. If you’re just getting ready to dip your toe into the metaphorical online dating pool, then Elite Singles is probably not for you, but, if you are looking for a like minded partner, and a potential marriage partner, then it’s a great choice.

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